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We are currently giving our website a facelift and update.  Hence we have removed most of the previous content, leaving only basic information.

Check back soon to read more about our services.

If you have a specific enquiry, please do contact us



Welcome to Performance By Design

We are a small UK-based consultancy, dedicated to helping organisations and their people achieve better performance and greater success.

Our services support better leadership, management and customer experience, drawing on evidence and empathy:

  Organisational research services
  • Surveys, interviews, focus groups
  • Understanding views across your leadership teams
  • Identifying opportunities to improve organisational performance
  Executive coaching
  • Accredited executive coaching
  • Developing managers and leaders
  Customer and user experience 
  • Understanding your customers' perspectives
  • Identifying needs of those who use your products and services
  • Supporting user centred design
  • Refining via user testing

Can we help you?

We work with multinationals, public sector organisations, SMEs and individuals.

We offer expertise, experience and a record of delivering successful results. With all our clients, we are prepared to go the extra mile to deliver what is needed in the timescale required.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to explore this site and contact us for further information.


How far can you see?

Our goal is to help people and businesses perform and succeed. 

Improvement and  change can sometimes seem out of reach, perhaps only attainable via major disruption.

But there are highly achievable things that can open the way to better performance.

An experienced external eye can bring valuable perspective to help you identify what is right for you, and how to derive the greatest benefit.